Welcome! Jenny's Hot Chocolate Bombs are available for local pick up and delivery in Greenville, SC.

About Me

Hi! I'm Jenny and I love hot chocolate. I grew up in Charlotte, went to high school in Spartanburg, went to college at UNC and then settled in the lovely town of Greenville. I absolutely love it here- my daughter and I enjoy hanging out downtown, trying out new restaurants and taking advantage of all the great local theatre that Greenville has to offer. 

I started Jenny's Hot Chocolate Bombs in 2020. In a year full of turbulence, uncertainty and divisiveness, I found joy in creating these fun, delicious balls of chocolate and wanted to share that joy with others. After a lot of testing and fine tuning, I found what I think is the very best cup of hot chocolate you can find in Greenville. Over the next couple of months I expanded from hot chocolate bombs to include a few other chocolate treats. 

I'm excited to be back in 2021 and I hope I have the opportunity to send many more boxes of delicious hot chocolate bombs out to the community again this year! Custom orders are a lot of fun for me, so please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do for you!